Growth.   Value.   Exit.

We Take a Buyer's Approach to Your Business.™

We provide companies with the experience and objectivity to solve complex problems, make tough decisions and position for long-term success.

We plug-in right where you need us with a vested hands-on approach. We are experts in planning and executing your growth in profitability, expansion and or needed exit strategy.

Founder and CEO Tom Hakel shares who we work with and what we do for your business.
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Comprehensive Health Check

We Take Action. 

We Provide Plan. 

We Ensure Outcome.

Financial Review

Comprehensive analytical and performance review that identifies key business drivers, trends and risks as well as opportunities for profitability improvement.

Competitive Analysis

Overall assessment of the short-term and long-term business risks from the perspective of a buyer. Includes assessment of market protections and potential barriers.

Key Personnel Assessment

Independent assessment of key personnel and value/hindrance to the business. Typically focused on CXO level employees and key income producers and includes ideas for long-term inclusion and incentives.

Key Partners

Objective assessment of critical vendor/partners in your business, including suppliers, distributors and service providers. Recommendations include risk assessment and improvements.

Growth Analysis

Lead strategy sessions to identify growth and expansion strategies. Solve potential impediments such as capital and financing needs. As opposed to ‘talking’ about the strategy, we help make it an operational reality.

Outcome (Goal)

From financial stability, long-term business growth with transition or future company sale. We ensure that all paths lead to the desired outcome!

Experience Delivered

We  definitely could talk for hours about ourselves. This isn’t about us. It’s about you, your business, what you need and what you want. We are here for your “What’s Next”. 

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We Take a Buyer's Approach to Your Business™

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